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Who we are

TBLR ( The Baby Lone Riot ) is a young french clothing brand based in Paris. TBLR is a passionate garment designer, that mix excellent fabrics with creativity, craftsmanship with attention to detail, to create exclusive collections in limited edition.

Our authentic & minimal young urban style is conceived for those persons who love to be original, independent from temporary trends and crowd opinions, not afraid to support their beliefs and pursue their lone riot. Our style is inspired by the indie music and the artistic and cultural parisian melting pot.

Proudly made in Italy

Yes, we are proud to produce in Europe and particularly in Italy for several reasons:
excellence of products, long durability, choice of the best fabrics, handcrafted process, sustain the highly qualified employment in the european garment industry.

We decided to produce in a small textile district in the heart of Italy, where four craftsmen offer their skills on a specific production’s task, to keep all the authenticity of our products and the highest level of crafsmanship.

Ethic engagement

We pay great attention to the ethic of our garment and even if this means an important effort for us, you could be sure that our main worries is to deliver a product respectful of all the people working on the creation of this authentic clothing-making story.

We are members of 1% for The Planet association and we support the Slow Fashion cause.

How do we work?