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Dario Rossi: the street groove of an avant-garde musician

Dario Rossi at Chatelet Les Halles in Paris playing his pans and pots

Last september we were very pleased to personally meet and follow in Paris the young talented italian street drummer: Dario Rossi.

Many of you already know him for the videos of his live performances fimed in differents cities, with million of views on Youtube and Facebook. Maybe you had already the opportunity to enjoy his sound in your town.

Dario Rossi street drummer performing at Chatelet les Halles with a TBLR tee
Dario at Les Halles, Paris with our t Bohème

This brilliant self-made independent artist (that has many projects for the future, see his official facebook page), with whom we have fallen in love, impressed us for his normality, his humility, but also for the awareness and pride to have done something amazing challenging himself since the first performance in Piccadilly Circus in London.

From the ritual of preparing all the pots and pans at home (everything has is specific place in the bags or it doesn’t fit in it!), to the choice of the place to play, with the risk to be sent away by the police, after have prepared everything for the show (with the consequent storage of all his stuff back-in to find another place), nothing is changed since the first time. He is always more surprised than fans when they go to speak with him or asking for a selfie.

Dario Rossi making his set up under the Eiffel Tower with our tee Techno Beat Loves Robots
At work under the Eiffel tower

Dario is genuine and authentic, when you meet him, it’s like you have always known him: your lost best friend since childhood, that is back again in your city! Dario and people like him has got all the qualities that we love: courage, crazyness, creativity, innovation, rhythm, pride, independence.

The sticks of Dario Rossi almost destroyed by the strenght he beat the pans and pots
The sticks.


A young artist, living doing what he loves, that in spite of his reputation and the requests to perform in festivals and clubs, can’t stay too much time far from his preferred stages: the streets and squares of all your cities in the world, to let you dance, perhaps, if you have the chance to walk through the place he is just performing…

Here you can listen to one of his studio songs.

Thank you for this great experience, hoping to see you quite soon back in Paris, Dario.

Dario performing in Place de République, Paris with our limited edition t-shirt Techno Beat Loves Robots ( just 3 XL availables only upon request not sold in the shop).

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  1. Cezar says:

    I am a great fan of Dario!!! Great article really love his style. Cheers

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